Task Force on Labelling and Presentation

About the Task Force

The idea of setting up the task force was first proposed and agreed to at the April 2015 Wine Leaders Forum, by participant winery owners and principals from all segments of the industry. It was then incorporated into the Western Economic Diversification project, Position the British Columbia Wine industry for International Growth. Terms of reference and composition of the task force were discussed at the UBC-KEDGE Wine Industry Collaborative, November 2-3, 2015.



To provide recommendations about labelling and label architecture, including the specification of origin on labelling, for all wines that are produced by wineries in BC, both those containing 100% BC grown grapes and others, for the purposes of growing international and domestic markets.


Task force participants were as follows:

  • Evelyn Campbell, Blasted Church Vineyards
  • Ezra Cipes, Summerhill Pyramid Winery
  • Penelope Furt-Roche, Roche Wines
  • Andy Gebert, St. Hubertus & Oak Bay Estate Winery
  • Andy Johnston, Averill Creek Vineyard
  • Curtis Krouzel, 50th Parallel Estate
  • Spencer Massie, Clos Du Soleil
  • Sandra Oldfield, Tinhorn Creek Vineyards
  • Severine Pinte, Le Vieux Pin Winery/Lastella Winery
  • Joanna Schlosser, Niche Wine Company
  • Bruce Schmidt, Intersection Estate Winery
  • John Skinner, Painted Rock Estate Winery
  • Roger Sugden, UBC - Chair
  • Jacques-Olivier Pesme, KEDGE – Advisor
  • Kim Buschert, UBC – Logistical and information support

* Image courtesy of www.metmuseum.org. Sill Life with Grapes, Carducius Plantagenet Ream (1838–1917).

Details of the process to determine industry participants is available in the terms of reference.



The task force completed its main work from November 2015 to March 2016.

From February 29-March 4 2016 we held town halls, in which we:

  • Updated attendees on the progress of the task force and its findings
  • Offered a space to share views on key aspects of labelling
  • Provided more information about how the independent UBC-KEDGE project might help the BC wine industry to develop as an international wine region

Task force findings were also presented to participants at the 2016 UBC-KEDGE Wine Leaders Forum in April.

Feedback collected during the town halls and the Forum informed task force recommendations, which were shared with the industry in a final report of the task force in June 2016.