Dr. Roger Sugden, Dean of UBC's Faculty of Management


Roger Sugden (PhD in Economics) is Dean of the Faculty of Management, and Advisor to the Principal on Innovation and Economic Development at the University of British Columbia’s Okanagan campus. His role at UBC has focused on enhancing campus outputs and impact regarding innovation, enterprise and socio-economic development, e.g. as principal investigator of the cross-disciplinary Survive and Thrive Applied Research Facility (STAR).

He previously worked as Head of Stirling Management School, University of Stirling (UK), where he developed and implemented a strategy for bringing together four previously separate departments, each with its own aims and culture, into a new and distinctive School suited to the University of Stirling. His work at Stirling built upon capabilities developed at the University of Birmingham (UK), in particular as Head of the Business School’s Department of Commerce, 1996-2000 and 2003-2004; and as Director of research centres, 1990-2008.

He has been leading and managing international research and teaching projects since the early 1990s, e.g. as coordinator of large networking initiatives under the European Commission’s Human Capital and Mobility Programme. They resulted in the creation of the European Network on Industrial Policy (EUNIP), of which he was founding coordinator. They also resulted in the creation of L’institute, a multinational joint venture between the Universities of Birmingham (UK), Ferrara (Italy) and Wisconsin-Milwaukee (US); he was co-founder and Director of L’institute, which was designed to pursue multinational networking in the subject of public policy and the development of regional economies in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

His research focuses on economic organisation and socio-economic development, including work on regions and globalisation, and the interests of publics. He is interested in the organizing, leading and managing of universities, and in the role of universities in communities and societies. Among his publications, a series that establishes and develops the strategic choice approach to the theory and impact of organizations, hence to local economic development and public policy, is especially prominent.