Over the course of the project, Position the British Columbia Wine Region for International Growth we will:

  • Establish task forces on wine labelling and presentation, and on the industry’s identity
  • Analyze intelligence that the industry gathers from international trade shows
  • Use research and industry knowledge to identify and assess options for organization, modeled from other advanced wine regions in the world



Courtesy of Inlay tablet from lid of box containing payprus, ca. 1400–1390 B.C.

Wine Leaders Forum

Held over four days in April of each year, to enable winery owners and principals to reflect, strategize and set agendas.



Exhibition and Public Talks

The 2016 Forum included a visual exhibition, whose aim was to provide a creative atmosphere, and stimulate understanding and interactions. In 2017, we obtained funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for an eight-month exhibition and public talks across BC, to encourage discussion and dialogue amongst different publics. The 2017 exhibition 'Refractions: Appreciating the British Columbia wine territory' featured archival and contemporary photographs, poems, quotes, art installations, mixed media art and an interactive banner.


Identity Workshops

Workshops occurring throughout BC November 27-30, will enable participants to listen and share with other wineries about yourselves, the industry and your visions for the future.

You will explore and debate ideas of regional identity for the wine industry, create opportunities from and propose clear ways to move them forward.

We encourage participation from current and next generation winemakers, winery owners and principals.


 Labelling Task Force

The Task Force on Labelling and Presentation was established in November 2015, and completed its work in May 2016.



Courtesy of De maand oktober Frederick Bloemaert, Abraham Bloemaert, Nicolaes Visscher (I). After 1635 - 1670.

Wine Industry Collaborative

Held over two days in November 2015, to provide winery owners and principals, and others with an interest in the industry, with an opportunity for debriefing and questioning.