5:30pm Sunday, April 23rd
12:00pm Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
Naramata Heritage Inn and Sandy Beach Resort
Naramata, BC

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"A must for anyone who cares about BC Wine - and a unique forum for small wineries - to learn about industry dynamics and participate as equal partners in the future landscape of the BC industry. Well worth the time to get out of the vineyard or cellar to contribute, engage, and tap the depth of knowledge and experience of fellow winery owners in a collegial, lively, and fun retreat."

Spencer Massie - Clos du Soleil and Past Wine Leaders Forum Participant

The Forum

The fourth annual Wine Leaders Forum, hosted by UBC-KEDGE, will be held in Naramata, BC. This year's theme is Global recognition of the British Columbia wine region: How do you get collectively organized?

Over the three days, we will continue our collaborative effort towards positioning the industry internationally through development of the three pillars of cooperation, identity and quality. Together, we will consider successful and innovative wine regions from around the world.

The retreat-style program, facilitated by Jacques-Olivier Pesme and Roger Sugden, includes focused and interactive sessions, enabling participants to share knowledge and shape collective action.

Evenings feature an international wine tasting program hosted by Richard Sagala, and 'cuisine du terroir' by Joy Road Catering.



Registration fees include accommodation at Sandy Beach Resort, all meals, and wine tasting program.

Registration costs per person:

$750 for wineries producing less than 1,000 cases

$1,300 for wineries producing 1,000 - 6,666 cases

$1,750 for wineries producing 6,667 to 77,777 cases

$2,500 for wineries producing more than 77,777 cases

$3,500 for full registration

~Registration now closed~

Visual Exhibition


Throughout the Forum, there will be an exhibition exploring how people in the wine industry perceive their relationship with the land, and the distinct characteristics of BC as a wine territory.

For more information contact

Chandel Christie, Events Coordinator