2017 Visual Exhibition


The 2017 visual exhibition builds on the exhibition Refractions: Seeing Pathways in a New Light, created for the 2016 Wine Leaders Forum. The exhibition was designed to provide a creative atmosphere, stimulate understanding and contribute to interactions. Participants at the Forum had positive feedback and expressed interest in a follow-up exhibition.


The exhibition aims to raise questions, nurture imagination and creativity, and enable the discovery of new meanings and fresh ways of seeing the world.

Our focus is an exhibition that helps to:

  • Explore novel possibilities, and deepen understanding of ideas and concepts
  • Identify common interests
  • Encourage interaction and collaboration
  • Gather feedback on the impact of the exhibition in practice
  • Consider implications


The exhibition focuses on how people in the wine industry perceive their relationship with the land, and the distinct characteristics of BC as a wine territory. It further aims to encourage discussion of what people may want to do – in terms of their aspirations and actions – to impact the development of their region. (Note: The exhibition is not intended to provide a definition of identity, or a description of the identity of the region; nor to undertake a marketing approach.)


Since its launch in April at the Wine Leaders Forum, the exhibition has connected participating wineries in a trail-like journey, providing the possibility for people to experience the various elements of the exhibition at the different sites.

The whole exhibition was displayed at the Penticton Public Library. It was accompanied by public talks related to the topic of 'British Columbia as a wine territory: Catalyzing shared understanding of its identity'.


2017 Visual Exhibition


The exhibition is a collection of archive and contemporary images, poems, quotes, collage, installations, and/or a banner.

Dates and Venues

April 23 - 26 at the 2017 Wine Leaders Forum 

July 10 - August 31, 2017 at Participating wineries in BC

September 11 - November 30, 2017 at the Penticton Public Library

Digital Presentation from Refractions: Appreciating the British Columbia wine territory

Photos from 2017 visual exhibition, Refractions: Appreciating the British Columbia wine territory